Make a change

What is generally on our minds day in and day out ? What will I cook today, what will I work on, what I don’t have, what my friends have, what’s latest today. But today I want to ask every person reading this post, how many people look outside their own sphere of life, towards those who are less fortunate than us…towards the have nots of the society?

Have you ever helped a child rummaging in the colony bins for some scrap of food ?
Have you ever donated even one or two of the numerous dresses that you have to some kid who doesn’t even have enough to cover the bare essentials? Have you ever cared to look and love?

I don’t deny that most of you on seeing such pathetic sites have your heart wrenching with pity and sympathy,but is that enough ? Will pity improve the condition of the poor children? Will sympathy help them feed themselves? Will discussing about poverty with your friends at lunch or dinner make any difference to them?

Think about it..we write in essays, we relate in speeches that children are the future of a nation,but does the term children imply only to the ones who go to school, wear cool clothes and have a home and enough food to keep them healthy ? What about those who live on the streets, in the slums and in the remotest n dirtiest places possible?

Don’t they belong to the category of children…yes, of course they do…but I find it really hard to imagine how a child with no education, no money and no opportunity would prosper as a person and as a good citizen of his country.

It has always been about us…it is still always about us..but it shouldn’t be only about us in the future..things have to change…it is the need of the hour for every individual in the society to reach out with a helping hand to these unfortunate children, ready to bloom and blossom.As school children also, it is absolutely necessary not only to be aware of the condition and needs of children less privileged than us but also to solicit our participation in helping them make a life and mark for themselves. This will inculcate in us from the early years a sense of social responsibility and belonging to our society. A child is a child’s best friend and this can be a strong movement to bring hope into the lives of many needy children in our country.

Imagine how your little contribution can brighten the lives of so many, can bring a smile on the faces of so many and can change the scenario of our country, and above all IMAGINE the happiness and satisfaction that you would feel after doing little acts of goodness towards those who really need them. I think its worth it. So go out and make a change.. I did with my little contribution to the worthy cause by donating the food to the food pantry. I hope it helps the children get some nutritious food over the summer break.  Won’t you do your part?


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