15 food ideas for 6 month old baby

If you have been following this blog, you might be aware of my concern regarding the eating habits of my baby D. She is not taking the solid food enthusiastically. I have tried the various suggestions given by fellow bloggers and friends say, changing the cutlery, distracting her and feeding her more textured food but she is one intelligent peanut. She takes the first two bites easily but after that its a constant struggle. She is too distracted and eating is not her favorite task.

I am really thankful to her daycare teachers who are her “mother-during-the-day” and are taking a lot of effort to feed her on time. I am very fortunate to have my daughter being taken care so lovingly and compassionately. I can not be more thankful.

Today, I wanted to share some of the solid food ideas I have gathered over the time. Some of the suggestions are from my daughters pediatrician and others are tried and tested ideas of experienced mothers. I hope they are helpful to future moms 🙂

1) Clarified butter (ghee) can be added to milk bottle. Start with only a small drop of it. Let teh kid get used to the taste and be able to digest it.

2) Avocado – It is another source of healthy fat.

3) Olive Oil. The veggies can be sauted in olive oil and later pureed.

4) Banana

5) Mashed apple or apple sauce

6) Sweet potato puree

7) Mashed sweet pea ( should be soft to mash)

8) Soft cottage Cheese

9) Oatmeal cereal

10) Rice Cereal

11) Lentil Soup

12) Grape juice

If you kid is ready for finger food, do try:

13) Cheerios

14) Gerber Puffs (various flavors available)

15) Gerber Crunchies

For the past week, I have been playing with various food combinations and baby D has started to show her preferences. She is developing a personality of her own and I can’t wait to see her grow up to be a beautiful, compassionate and lovely human being. OR, may be a fire-fighter 🙂



Let me know what works for your kid and what else can I try for baby D.

Happy feeding 🙂


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