5 things I want ‘D’ to remember – Week 2

1. I am proud of you. I am proud of the person you are and I thank God for you each and every second of every day.

2. Call home. Home is where mommy and daddy are and it will always be home. Call us when you are fearful or in doubt. We may not always tell you what to do, but we will guide you with loving hearts and minds.

3. Stay close to your family. They are the force to be reckoned with and all of us together make an amazing team. Cherish the bond we share and give all your love and attention it deserves. And when it comes to choosing between friends and your family, always choose your family.

4. Experience life. Jump in and don’t look back. You are smart and sensible and have good instincts. Cling to that while you take chances and savor the silly, the exciting, and the adventurous. Life is undoubtedly what you make of it. Make if grand. Make it your own.

5. Above all else remember you are a child of God. In you, he created a unique being blessed with an able body and mind. Do him proud. Search within to use your talents and intelligence for good. Blessings lie within you so that you might pave a more joyful journey for all you meet.



Note: Thanks Courtney from a thoughtful place. Your blog always inspires me in every way.


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