Food Ideas-Baby

A well written and very informative article about food ideas for 6 month baby.

Lately, I have been having hard time getting baby D eat solids. I have tried rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, mashed banana, mashed sweet potato and apple sauce. I have tried the commercial store bought baby food too. She just does not like to eat anything. She closes her mouth tight as soon as she sees spoon approaching her. And if we manage to put the food in her mouth, she just spits it out and does this raspberry sounds.

Any ideas that can help me feed her solids more? Leave a comment and help !!


3 thoughts on “Food Ideas-Baby

  1. They just take a while to get used to new textures I think (plus I have a sneaking suspicion babies just like the feeling of spurting stuff out if their mouth- who can blame them). Soft silken tofu seems to work when my pikelet won’t eat proteins of any other sort due to teething or some other bizarre complaint she comes up with… 🙂 careful with adding soy sauce though cause it contains added histamines so can cause reaction (soy allergies are usually misdiagnosed because of this). Luck


  2. Try changing the cutlery..try different colors. Just give her an empty set to play with for few days. better would be to change the color everytime you give her an empty bowl and spoon. See how she deals with that and then put a bite in the bowl that she likes.


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